Ultra Marathon de Sai Kung

Mountain Marathon 53 - Solo

This is an ITRA ranking and UTMB points race. Please ensure your date of birth and the format of your name on your ITRA profile match your data entry for this race, so that your finish result can be correctly assigned.

You may search for your Trail Domain Runner here.

Minimum 17 years old

If your Runner ID cannot be found or verified against your date of birth, please proceed with entry as if you do not have a Runner ID and e-mail Race Timing Solutions, stating your name, Runner ID and date of birth.

Let friends, family and supporter crew monitor your progress throughout the race with GPS tracker rental from Dot Track Asia. Check out past events. Please click the Eye below for the tracker image. After the race, we will send your personal tracking records as a GPX file to you. 

2019 Certificate sample