2020 Victoria 162

V162 Merchandise

Note: Due to garment production cycle, for the registration after 15/01/2020, tees, medals and/or vest might not be readily available upon race day.


  • Organizer has insured TWD 2million accidental, 0.2million medical insurance for local runners. Foreigners should purchase insurance on their own, and if additional personal insurance coverage is required you should consider as well. The event is highly dangerous, hence racers are required to gauge their own ability to take part; shall any incremental damage or liability is caused by racer, the Organizer has the right to seek damage compensation. The registration system contains the legal waiver, and disagreeing with such waiver would render the registration incomplete. 
  • The event is difficult and racers should assess its own health condition before registering. Do not force yourself to participate if you do not feel well enough. If you have past health conditions related to heart, blood veins, diabetes etc, do not attempt to conceal such medical history and register; the organizer would not be held responsible for any accidents if any accidents happened to any racer with concealed medical history.
  • The event would be carried out as scheduled, unless in case of natural disaster or other force majeure that prevents the event being held, or a delay notice is being announced by the Organizer. In case of natural disaster or other force majeure, the Organizer shall, after deducting expenses already paid, return the remaining of registration fee to racers. 
  • The Organizer reserve the right to make changes to the details of the event. Any changes or updates would be announced on the official website. Any details of the event that the organizer deem requiring revising or elaborating, the organizer would carry out such revision without further notice.
  • The organizer would reserve the right to use Images, videos, media content and race results obtained during the event to display globally and register with relevant website and magazines. The racers agree to such use of images, videos, media content and race results to be used as race promotion and public display.
  • The organizer would follow the Personal Information Protection Law Rule #8 and disclose the following
    • All info collected within designated period as permitted under the aforementioned law including ID number, Birthdate, address, gender, nationality, phone, email, emergency contact, would only be used by the organizer / co-organizer / contractor within the event and during the event. Info collected would in principle only be stored electronically or on paper, to be used by the organizer / co-organizer / contractor. The organizer under the Rule #3 of the aforementioned law would retain such info and you can exercise the following rights regarding your info :
    • 1. Enquire or request to view such info;
    • 2. Request for a copy of the personal info;
    • 3. Update or correct your personal info,
    • 4. Request to stop collecting, processing or using the personal info.  
  • No changing of shirt size or transfer of racers after registration closed. If you need to change shirt size or address, please raise your reqeuest prior to the registration close date.
  • Foreign racers would collect their race kit and check-in on event start date at the event reception; all local racers would receive their race kit by post within the Taiwan Penghu Jinmen Mazhu area.
  • Shall racer need to transfer their spot, the Organizer would enterain ONE transfer per spot. Such request must be raised prior to registration close date.
  • If a racer cancels a registration, one must do so prior to the registration close date, and refund would be processed by the organizer with a 20% processing fee withheld. The refund would be processed 2 weeks after the event has been held.
  • If cancellation request is raised after registration close date, the organizer would deduct a 50% cancellation charge and the refund would be processed 2 weeks after the event has been held.
  • Racers should plan their own transport connections, and organizer would not be held responsible for racer’s inability to take part in the event due to flight delays or other personal logistic issues.
  • Contact of Organizer: +886 2 8785 1669 x 26



V162 Pattern Sunsleeves (HKD 55)

Theme Purple / Black
Cadet Blue / White

One Size

HUNGERKNOCK × 100miles100times Cap (HKD 365)

only Pink/White

2019 Victoria 162 Race Tee (HKD 144)

2019 Victoria 162 Crew Tee (HKD 144)

Victoria City Boundary Stone RFID-Blocking Wallet