2020 Victoria 162


This is an ITRA ranking event. Please make sure the format of your name and your date of birth match your ITRA profile so that your finish result can be correctly assigned.

Passport numbers should entered in full. For HKIDs you are required to enter the first letter and following 6 digits. This is for identification purposes. Failure to do so will render your registration invalid.

Victoria 162 will donate equal amount (each registration capped at 10% of that particular racer's registration fee) for racer's contribution.


V162 Pattern Sunsleeves (HKD 55)

Theme Purple / Black
Cadet Blue / White

One Size

HUNGERKNOCK × 100miles100times Cap (HKD 365)

only Pink/White

2019 Victoria 162 Race Tee (HKD 144)