2020 Victoria 162

3-Day Challenge

This is an ITRA ranking event. Please make sure the format of your name and your date of birth match your ITRA profile so that your finish result can be correctly assigned.

Passport numbers should entered in full. For HKIDs you are required to enter the first letter and following 6 digits. This is for identification purposes. Failure to do so will render your registration invalid.

Note: Due to garment production cycle, for the registration after 15/01/2020, tees, medals and/or vest might not be readily available upon race day.

3-day challenge key rules

The spirit of the 3-day challenge is to simulate a typical international multi-stage race, self-supported style. Organizer provides Shelter and water, and the runner needs to carry mandatory equipment, sufficient freeze-dry food and other race essentials along the race. Due to the proximity of shops and urban setting of Hong Kong, we heavily rely on your adherence to the key rules in order to provide you a full simulation to what a self supported race feels like in the deserts and the jungles.

The key rules are –

  1. Runner should rely on their own food source. Food at CP are designated for V162 and single-day race runners; CP staff would not provide food to a 3-day challenge runner at CP other than water and boiled water. To fair to all runners who rely on their own food supply which they carried during the race, any 3-day challenge runners obtaining food from CPs would result in a time penalty of 1-hour per infraction.
  2. To self-sustain a 162km race, a Runner should stock a minimum of 4000 calories at the start of day 1 and 2000 calories on day 2. The food stock along with other mandatory equipment would be checked prior to race start by race marshall, who would stop any runners without sufficient food from starting the race.
  3. No need to carry personal shelter. Tents accommodating 8-12 people would be provided by the organizer at each campsite. For safety and hygenic reason, runners must carry one sleeping equipment (sleeping bag that suits 10’c and above, portable mattress or equivalent).
  4. Once checked into campsite, racers are not allowed to leave campsite (except for accessing toilets on Day 2 campsite); doing so without the consent of campsite staff will be considered DNF.
  5. As the spirit of the 3-day challenge race is self-sufficiency, racers are not allowed to receive outside assistance; while it is impossible for the race organizer to verify, runners are encouraged to refrain from buying food and beverages from stores along the race route. Infractions, if proven, would result in the same penalty as consuming food provided at CPs.

Victoria 162 will donate equal amount (each registration capped at 10% of that particular racer's registration fee) for racer's contribution.

Let friends, family and supporter crew monitor your progress throughout the race with GPS tracker rental from Dot Track Asia. Check out past events. Please click the Eye below for the tracker image. After the race, we will send your personal tracking records as a GPX file to you.


V162 Pattern Sunsleeves (HKD 55)

Theme Purple / Black
Cadet Blue / White

One Size

HUNGERKNOCK × 100miles100times Cap (HKD 365)

only Pink/White

2019 Victoria 162 Race Tee (HKD 144)

Victoria City Boundary Stone RFID-Blocking Wallet