2019 The North Face 100 Hong Kong

50km - Charity

This is an ITRA ranking event. Please make sure the format of your name and your date of birth match your ITRA profile so that your finish result can be correctly assigned.

Please try to avoid using e-mail addresses from 163.com and QQ.com. These domains routinely block our e-mails and we may therefore have problems in communicating with you.

Passport numbers should entered in full. For HKIDs you are required to enter the first letter and following 6 digits. This is for identification purposes. Failure to do so will render your registration invalid.

Acceptance of your registration for the 50 km race will be dependent on provision of evidence that you can complete the race within the time limit. Individuals who have proof of completion of a 100 km race in under 28 hours or a 50 km race in under 14 hours during the past 3 years will be accepted.

5Mb max

Let friends, family and supporter crew monitor your progress throughout the race with GPS tracker rental from Dot Track Asia. Check out past events and last year's race. Please click the Eye below for the tracker image. After the race, we will send your personal tracking records as a GPX file to you.